God has truly blessed us through the years with great stallions.  The most influential to us, financially and every other way, were:

A son of Poco Club out of a granddaughter of Leo

Foundation All Around Champion with AQHA points

A son of Freckles Playboy out of a daughter of Docs Hickory

Because these stallions play such a role in our broodmare band, their pedigrees and more is available here.

He has once again truly blessed us with another amazingly well bred, athletic stallion with cow sense and an unbelievably good mind.

A son of Haidas Little Pep out of a daughter of Jose Uno

We found this sweet guy in a 10' x 10' stall in a large barn in Oklahoma in September 2019 when he was sixteen.  He was purchased by a couple from up north as a weanling.  They trailered him to their home and then a little while later they loaded him once again and moved to Oklahoma.  He was worked with a little bit as a young horse, but never broken to ride.  When we picked him up, we were told that most of his life he had lived in that little stall and only turned into a little round pen in the same barn for a few minutes of exercise each day.

At his age and level of non-experience, we didn't know what the future would hold.  We only knew we couldn't drive away without him.  After only two very long trailer rides in his lifetime, "Jose" hopped right up in our trailer.  From his papers, we knew he was royally bred and would be the perfect outcross to so many of the trending and popular bloodlines.  We also could see that he lacked muscle tone, but was conformationally correct.  It was apparent to us by the time we unloaded him in our barn that he had an amazing mind and gentle spirit.