This 1993 Gray AQHA mare has been in our family since she was a two year old.  She originally came to us to be broken and bred to Old Dominion.  We ended up purchasing her before her foal was born - & boy were we glad we did!  That first foal came out the color of new blue jeans and we turned down $5,000 for it when it was two days old.  (We did call them back & accept a few days later!)  She consistently produced color and our best looking foals.  Her pedigree reads like Quarter Horse history.  In her five generation pedigree, you get Three Bars, Tripple Chick, Leo, Ed Echols, Scooter S, Bakers King, Hired Hand II, and Poco Pine!

We have received a lot of help over the years in developing our herd from Joe and Mary McGowen of Hamilton, Texas.  That's who we got Old Dominion, Patriot John, Lotta Majesty, Boons Miss Tejona, and others from.  We are trying to repay their kindness by helping other young breeders get started.  Therefore, we sold this mare to Bartley Murray of Miles, Texas.

Please click here for "Scooter's" pedigree.
This 1988 Sorrel AQHA mare is an NCHA money earner with produce who are NCHA money earners!  She is an own daughter of the great Peponita (Peppy San x Poco Tivio daughter) and out of a daughter of Cal O'Lena by Doc O'Lena. This is a nice, well-mannered mare who throws great babies!   Check out Lottie's first foal by Pocos Denim Genes on the For Sale page.

Please click here for "Lottie's" pedigree.

Lotta Majesty
Boons Miss Tejona
This 1985 Bay AQHA Bay Mare is an NCHA money earner and producer of NCHA money earners!  She is by the great Boon Bar and out of an OWN daughter of Poco Bueno.  She is an elegant, classy mare with muscle, bone, etc.   We tried for a number of years after she came to us to get her in foal.  We thought we had failed.  We bred her one time in 2006 - not one breeding cycle, but one day.  She acted just like the years before and we thought we had failed yet again.  However, on February 14th of last year, she surprised us with a gorgeous bay filly by Patriot John!  Unfortunately, Texie died suddenly when her foal was just six weeks old.

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Scootin Lolita
Pocos Classy Rose
This 1995 Black AQHA mare is a full sister to Pocos Denim Genes!  She was purchased by some folks from out in the Davis Mountains as a weanling and never broken to ride.  After "Roany" was named All Around Versatility Champion at the WFQHA World Show in 2002, we came home and searched for a full sister.  At that time, she was it.  We couldn't have been happier. When bred to anything but Patriot John, she has produced blacks & grullas.  With "Pig", she's giving us bays.  But whatever she's bred to, her babies are always correct, gentle, cowy, athletic & very easy on the eye!

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Poco Elegant Genes
This 2001 Bay AQHA mare is an own daughter of Pocos Denim Genes.  We broke her, started her on cows, and then turned her into the broodmare band.  She was the last foal out of a sister of Old Dominion.  Her colts are correct, cowy, athletic and pretty.  They are also extremely gentle and easy to work with.  She throws a great deal of dun factor markings.  Her 2008 foal by Starred N Freckled is on the for sale page!

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Dominions Leza
This 2003 Gray AQHA mare is by our great old stallion Old Dominion.  We started her as a two year old and she showed promise in every area.  However, she almost lost a foot to a wire cut and we bred her in 2006.  She's a great heavy boned, heavy muscled mare that should produce babies that can do anything - & do it all day long!  Her first baby by Patriot John is a gray!  Her gray foal by Pocos Denim Genes is on the For Sale page.

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Look at Sister's 2008 baby by Quiznos Bob on the For Sale page.
Pokey Queno
This 1998 Gray AQHA mare is also by our great old stallion Old Dominion.  For years, we bred this mare's mother to Dominion for Billy Carlisle.  I believe this is the next to last foal her dam, Blazing Godfather, ever produced.  She is in foal to Pocos Denim Genes for a 2009 baby.

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This 2004 Dun AQHA filly is a great example of Pocos Denim Genes' progeny.  She has color, cow, disposition & pedigree.  Thanks to her dam, she even has a little speed!  We rode her for aproximately 90 days as a two year old and started her slightly on cows.  We sold her to Virgil Soell as a rope horse prospect and he let us know that she was turning out great!  One small glitch, we didn't realize she was in foal to Quiznos Bob when she was sold.  She'll be back with Virgil in the roping pen and soon as this foal is weaned.  Watch for pictures of her 2008 baby coming soon to our For Sale page.

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Dun Got My Genes