Morgan is now twenty-eight years old.  She graduated at 20 from Angelo State University with her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science.

Always interested in banking, she began a career at the corporate headquarters of First Financial Bank in Abilene in 2009.  She also has a bright future as a photographer. 

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Morgan lives near Avoca, Texas.  She is shown here with her best friend and boyfriend, Will Brigham.

Ashley is now twenty-six years old.  She went to Texas State University in San Marcos for  two years and returned to San Angelo to complete her education at Angelo State University, graduating in 2011.  Following graduation, Ashley entered the insurance field and is employed in Robert Lee at Floyd Petitt Insurance.  The child who planned to live in New York City or Los Angeles is now perfectly happy living in Bronte and working two doors down from her mother!

After dating in high school and a long courtship, Ashley married her best friend, Reese Braswell, on October 13, 2012, at Fort Chadbourne.  Reese, also an ASU graduate, is an Assistant Vice President and Loan Officer for First National Bank of Sterling City in their Bronte branch.

Our Family
Ranch & Family
Wayne & Melinda
Wayne & Melinda have been married 31 years this year.  They met when she purchased a gelding that he had trained from his father.  She jokes that "I sold the horse, but kept the guy!"

After the girls were born, the family moved to the hill country and Wayne served as an apprentice cutting horse trainer.

Although successful in that field, Coke County ties are hard to break and the family moved back to Bronte in 1988.  Wayne was hired by the Coke County Sheriff's Department soon after where he has remained since except for a time as Coke County Commissioner.  He was elected Sheriff in November 2008.

Once the girls were a little bigger, Melinda went to work for the county newspaper, The Observer/Enterprise.  She and Wayne began a buyout of the paper several years ago and took over completely on December 31, 2010.
McCutchen Ranch
McCutchen Ranch is a multi-purpose equine facility, as well as Wayne & Melinda's home.  In the large outdoor arena, you can rope steers and calves.  Also, the Pro-Cutter mechanical cow is set up in the arena.  The 120' round pen is specifically designed for training cutters.  It is completely enclosed by cedar stays, with approximately two feet of sand to soften the ground.  The barn & pens are "cowboy", but extremely safe with pipe construction in all pens and stalls.  There are two stallion stalls with steel sides in the barn.  Also in the barn, is a guest house for visiting clients, customers, family & friends.  The land boasts numerous live oak trees, several tanks (ponds), and all manner of wildlife including, but not limited to, deer, turkey, quail, and dove.
After years of concentrating on our own horses, God led Wayne to accept outside horses for cutting training in 2005.  This continued until he announced his candidacy in July of 2008.  At that time, Wayne sent all of his customers' horses home.  Wayne has also presented seminars and demonstrations on cutting horses, starting a young horse on cattle, working with young horses, and horse safety.  In these, he always includes his faith and gives God the glory for our success.

Last year, we were fortunate enough to get back into the cattle business.  Our county has faced fires (right at half the county burned in 2011) and continues to face drought, so we do stay busy tending to livestock.

Ashley & Reese